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Our Story

In 2008, a small company was formed in Kenya with a little more than passion and the desire to add color to the African interior design landscape. Starting off as a sole proprietorship outift, a seed was planted which eventually grew to become the enterprise whose mission is not only to beautify the spaces we reside in but more importantly, positively and productively add value to customer lifestyle in the process.

Today Elle is an International Award Winning interior design company whose main aim is to create quality customized living and working spaces. We've designed numerous spaces - our scope covering residential areas, executive offices, schools, museums, hospitals, banks etc just to mention a few. Take a peek at our 'sample Gallery' section to get a feel of the designs. You will note our design bears in mind color schemes and themes, moods, and personalities to come up with unique solutions for each clientele.

Separately we recently launched a Business Mentorship & Purpose program - begun to empower ANY aspiring entrepreneur with the knowledge and skill set to start a business out of their unique talents.

At Elle the customer is family. We work with you to ensure that your needs are aptly satisfied within an agreed budget.

For more details on some of our past projects you may download the Elle Company Profile here.

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Excellent work. I feel confident enough to go out there and change homes. Thanks to Elle Interior Designers!
Anne Korir

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